Toll pricing

Toll prices are valid from 1 July 2024 and are GST inclusive on the Westlink M7 for Class A and Class B vehicles:

Vehicle ClassNew minimumNew maximum
Class A vehicles$0.67$9.86
Class B vehicles$2.01$29.58

View the Media release for the quarterly toll prices from 1 July 2024.

In NSW, the class of your vehicle, along with the distance you travel, determines the tolls you pay. Distance based tolling on the Westlink M7 means you’ll pay less for short trips and one-way continuous trips over 20 km are capped for Class A and Class B vehicles.

To check the price of a trip, view or download the current Westlink M7 Quarterly Toll Price Guide, then:

  1. Locate your entry point on the left hand side of the price grid.
  2. Follow the horizontal line of the entry point to your exit point.
  3. The price displayed is the cost of the trip.

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Vehicle classes

Westlink M7 toll prices are different depending on your vehicle class.

Class A

  • Vehicles 2.8 metres or less in height and 12.5 metres or less in length.
  • Typically, these vehicles are cars and motorcycles.
  • Also referred to as Class 2 or CAR.

Class B

  • All other vehicles
  • Typically, these vehicles are trucks and can include larger items being towed
    depending on the overall dimensions.
  • Also referred to as Class 4 or HCV.

Vehicle length and height – Vehicle dimensions on NSW toll roads include (without limitation) any towed vehicles such as a trailer, caravan or boat, and items placed on the roof of the vehicle or vehicles with elevated roofs.

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