Westlink M7-M12 Integration Project

The M7-M12 Integration Project will support the growth of Western Sydney by widening the M7 Motorway and deliver a seamless connection to the M12 Motorway. 

The project will provide:

  • additional lanes to the M7 Motorway, one in each direction, for 26 kilometres between the M5 at Prestons and Richmond Road at Oakhurst/ Glendenning 
  • integration of the M7 into the future M12 Motorway through a new M7-M12 Interchange
  • an upgrade to Elizabeth Drive to facilitate a new connection between the eastern end of the new M12 Motorway, the M7 and the local road network. 

John Holland has been selected to design and construct the M7-M12 Integration Project. Construction of the project is expected to take three years and will be open to traffic in 2026.


The project will: 

  • reduce congestion and travel times 
  • improve safety and provide more reliable journeys for road users, including freight
  • provide a critical connection to the Western Sydney International Airport and Aerotropolis
  • create thousands of jobs during construction. 

To find out more

To find out more about the M7-M12 Integration Project, please contact the project team on 1800 712 712, email the M7-M12 Integration team or visit the M7-M12 Integration Project website

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