Join us at the Westlink M7 ‘Share the Path’ Community event on Saturday 9 November 2019, from 8am to 10am.

Walk or Ride in. All welcome.

  • Enjoy FREE Sausage Sizzle & Coffee Van
  • FREE ‘mini’ Physio sessions & Street Art Demonstration
  • Learn about safety along the M7 shared path
  • Take a tour of the M7 Control Room
  • Meet the M7 team

Entry to the event is just off the M7 shared path at 101 Wallgrove Road Eastern Creek. The nearest entry/exit to the shared path is at the intersection of Wallgrove Road and Wonderland Drive.

Limited parking is available in the front car park of the M7 control centre.

Follow the event signs.

For more information please call 02 9834 9200 or email

Public Waiver and Disclaimer

In relation to the Westlink M7 Share the Path community event.

All attendees at the Westlink M7 Share the Path community event acknowledge: The M7 site is an active work site and attendees must follow the instructions of event staff at all times and stay inside the designated event area.

Persons may be photographed or filmed by a representative of Westlink M7 and agree that any photographs or film may be used in marketing or promotional activities.

Attendance at the event is at own risk and attendees agree that WSO Co Pty Limited (ABN 73102757924), Westlink Motorway Limited (ABN 63096512300) and their related bodies corporate (collectively, Westlink) will not accept liability for any personal injury and/or damage to property arising from use of the shared path, and by using the shared path, or attending the Share the Path community event, and agree to release Westlink from any liability for any personal injury and/or property damage, whether or not it results from negligence by Westlink or its servants, agents or contractors.

In the event of unsafe weather or other conditions Westlink M7 may cancel the event at any time for the safety of attendees and event staff.