Transport for NSW (TfNSW) has announced a toll rebate scheme for large caravans, boat trailers and horse floats for travel on selected NSW toll roads. 

TfNSW has announced a new toll rebate scheme for privately registered large recreational vehicles travelling in Sydney.

This scheme will provide a rebate for customers travelling in an eligible large recreational vehicle on all existing and new toll roads, in Sydney, except the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Tunnel. This will mean that, once registered, drivers of these vehicles will be rebated the difference between the Class B toll charged on their toll account and the cost of a Class A trip.

Eligible large recreational vehicles include: drivers towing caravans, boats and horse floats more than 12.5m long and 2.8m high.

The scheme is expected to come into effect from November 2020, with a view to backdate toll rebates to cover trips taken from 1 June 2020. For more information or to subscribe to updates on this scheme please visit the Transport for NSW website.