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Roam e-TAG®

For motorists who will make frequent use (a trip per week or more) of Westlink M7, we recommend the Roam e-TAG® device.

e-TAGs can be used everywhere - on all tolled motorways, bridges and tunnels throughout Australia and wherever you see the symbol.

To open your Roam e-TAG account:

  • Visit
  • Call 13 TOLL (13 8655)
  • Visit an Australia Post outlet

If you already have an electronic tag, it will work on Westlink M7, so you're all set.

Visitor's e-PASS

The Roam Visitor's e-PASS is designed for visitors to Sydney who need cover for all Sydney toll roads for up to 30 days. Apply for a Visitor's e-PASS at or by calling 13 TOLL (13 8655).

The symbol is used on road signs in Sydney to identify toll roads that accept passes such as e-PASS.


® Registered Trademark

* Tolls and vehicle matching fees vary for each toll road.