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Westlink M7 is a 40 km toll road that uses a distance-based electronic tolling system.

Distance-based tolling means that there are different tolls for trips of different lengths. For trips of less than 20 km the toll is calculated on a ‘cents per km' rate. For trips of more than 20 km the toll is capped at 20 km.

Distance tolling makes the Westlink M7 good value for short and long trips.

To make your journeys even easier, Westlink M7 is fully electronic with no cash booths. Full electronic tolling on Westlink M7 provides less congestion, quicker journeys and less frustration. You benefit from improved safety, with less stopping and starting.

You have two ways to pay, and you don't even have to slow down.

For frequent use of Westlink M7, we recommend a Roam e-TAG account, which uses Australia's most popular electronic tag. Fix it to your windscreen and it will be detected by a sensor as you travel past a toll point. It also works on other motorways. If you already have an electronic tag, it will work on Westlink M7.

To open a Roam e-TAG account call 13 TOLL (13 8655), go to or visit an Australia Post outlet.

Tolls on Westlink M7 are adjusted quarterly in line with movements in the Consumer Price Index. To calculate the toll price for your trip, use the Sydney Motorways toll calculator.

For more information on distance-based tolling, refer to the Fact Sheet.

Westlink M7 is a Trade Mark of Westlink Motorway Limited e-TAG is a Registered Trade Mark of Transurban Group.